Hi There…

I’m Mila! My idea with this blog is to create a journal, a file if you will, of my passions and day-to-day life. A way to document what I am living through right now.

To start us off I created a list of the things I would want someone to know about me – the first one being I absolutely love lists.

  1. I live in Boston where I go to school, but am originally from Brazil

    Four years ago at the Reflecting Pool in Boston
    Four years ago at the Reflecting Pool in Boston
  2. I have moved houses over sixteen times in my life. So considering I am 22 years old that is less than two years per house. It is fun and tiring at the same time, but it taught me to adapt quickly to new spaces and cities.
  3. Besides English, I speak Portuguese (my first language) and Spanish. Hopefully this is the summer I’ll learn French! *fingers crossed*
  4. I love perfume. Always have, always will. I wear it everyday and so I will probably talk about it here often.
  5. Don’t understand why people put avocado in the sushi. If anyone has an acceptable explanation please let me know.
  6. Meditation has changed my life for better in many ways
  7. Zac Efron is my ultimate crush          tumblr_nqke7y6MGn1sf4omio1_1280
  8. Even though I grew up in a tropical climate, after four Boston winters I actually love this crazy weather

    Picture taken by me during the 2012/2013 winter
  9. Majoring in Marketing and Communications, and have also studied acting in New York
  10. I am simultaneously a dog person and a cat person thanks to my family’s pets  Cookie, Lulu, Kit and Kat
    Cookie & Lulu
    Cookie & Lulu




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7 thoughts on “Hi There…

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere lovely! I can’t wait to read more from you 🙂 It is crazy that you moved 16 times in your life! French is such a gorgeous language, you will love it – not too hard to learn! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other! I hope you’ll enjoy blogging as much as we all do here ❤


    1. Hi there! First of all thank you for the support! I Just started but I do love blogging, and I hope I can learn French quickly haha

      I followed you too, here and on Instagram 🙂


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