Boston Harbor

On my Tumblr explorations I always see a phrase that says the cure to anything is salt water. Sweat, tears or the sea. I never took it very seriously, until one day during a specially difficult week my friends took me to the Boston Harbor. Thankfully there were no tears, only friends, good food and the sea. And a much happier me. Turns out that phrase has some truth to it 🙂 A big thank you to Steph who was taking the pictures – and ended up not being in any of them. And now for the true star of the day: Mike’s Pastry cannolis. If you ever go to Boston make sure to stop by, it is well worth the line as you can see from my face below: We walked around a little bit and stopped by Quincy Market, another fun place to visit in BTown. DSC_0042_Fotor In the end I think another one of those Tumblr cliches is true, we choose to be happy everyday. See you soon, Mila ps: The girls were all wearing Burberry fragrances (Brit and My Burberry) and I was wearing Bulgari Omnia Crystalline.


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