Living Proof

If you have a hair-product shopping addiction raise your hand!

I do. Just yesterday I went to CVS with my mother and we drifted off to the shampoos & conditioners section in no time (we were there to buy cold medicine).

My mother and I have always liked to try new products and brands, so naturally CVS and Sephora are our best friends. Over the years we have tested some amazing products, but lately my favorite brand – the one I literally tell everyone about – is Living Proof. The brand was founded by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) professors, so you know there are geniuses behind it.

Their spokesperson (and co-owner) is Jennifer Aniston, a woman that has had the perfect hair for at least 2 decades now. Everyone’s hair is different of course, but Living Proof helped save my hair from all of the heat and color I put on it.

To date I have tried at 8 different products from their lines, and 7 of those worked miracles on my hair.

The only product that didn’t work for me was actually meant for someone with very curly hair – and mine is somewhere between straight and wavy – so it’s more my fault than theirs really.

Thanks Jen (and scientists)!

If you guys have any hair products that you swear by please let me know, I am always looking for new stuff !


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