Salvador Dalí Museum – Florida

For the entire month of August I will be in Florida so I thought I’d post some of the outfits I’ve worn here and places I’ve been to. 

My first stop this weekend was the Salvador Dalí Museum. It is one of my favorite museums ever, and St. Pete’s best kept secret!

Dalí was a genius, artistically and mathematically, And do his work is eye-catching and interesting. It is the second time that I visit this museum and it still amazes me how his work translates into our everyday life and remains contemporary.

The museum’s gardens are a work of art already (and very picturesque). You can find a huge mustache, a tree with people’s wishes tied around it, a labyrinth and a time warp bench.

Wind blowing on the wishes tree

It was REALLY REALLY hot and humid the day I took these pictures. That is Florida for you. My hair obviously does not deal well with this weather, hence the pictures with my hair up.

Inside Dali’s labyrinth

I am only wearing lightweight pieces here, but the combo shorts+tank top can get old pretty quickly. I like this skirt because it can be dressed up or down and it fits nicely with this shirt I bought on Zara a couple months ago.  The shirt is a bit dressier – that is why I put a bralette underneath to give it a fun twist.

Bonus: the gift shop is filled with cool stuff for your house and wardrobe. I purchased the tipsy wine glasses for my new house in Boston!

Hope you liked it – and please do comment if you know of other cool places around Florida!



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