Boats and Palm Trees

Another day, another place, another outfit. And the rain is still going strong here in Florida. Luckily the water started falling when we were on our way back home. Going for a mini day trip to this marine was my mother’s idea, it was a lovely afternoon walking around, talking and taking pictures.

I bought this leotard/top in Brazil when I was there a few weeks ago, and it definitely gives off my country’s tropical feeling. It is the type of piece that makes a statement by itself, and that can lighten my mood when I wear it. Some days – ahem, today – that is just what I need.

I feel like clothes in general work like that for me – they can set and change my mood, always for the better.

And since it IS summer, short shorts that I love so much, and that will be put away once I go back to Boston.

Not a complaint though, Fall outfits have a special place in my heart since I only started having a proper Fall when I moved to New England. And it has since become my favorite season.

Leotards have made a way into my shopping list, I’ll explain how in a bit. I am currently trying to find one that is more neutral, probably in black or white. If you do know of any good stores please comment! I know American Apparel has some options, but I still have to look into that.

Oh and how did I get into leotards? Confession time: I started paying attention to leotards after the Kardashians started wearing it everywhere… oh well.

And here’s hoping that wherever you are, we can all remember that rain (actually and figuratively) does stop and things get better before we know it.

Much love,



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10 thoughts on “Boats and Palm Trees

    1. Cara thank you so much! I am happy that you liked the blog, specially since yours is so beautiful 😀 I loved it! I tried following it on wordpress but couldn’t find a way (I am still a newbie oh my), but I’m following you on Bloglovin!


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