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Last Sunday I had brunch with a friend from Brazil who was visiting Florida (ok, Disney). During our meal we talked about a bit of everything in our lives, fashion, beauty tips, relationships, family, travel, etc. Looking back most of my brunch dates with my friends go like that, probably for you too right?! It is a good way to start your day, and I usually leave with tips and valuable advice from people I love.

So… I decided to do a section here on Mila Said So dedicated to brunch-talks, with a bit of everything that caught my eye recently in beauty and fashion, what goes on in our lives and everything in between. There is no set subject – so if you wanna suggest something you are more than welcome. Without further due:

NARS Lip Pencil (Sephora Birthday Gift)

I am a sucker for these Sephora samples. I will DEFINITELY be buying this lip pencil in a full size when I run out of mine (which will be soon). The pencil name is Cruella, if you want to go directly to NARS to buy it, but if your birthday is coming up definitely worth to get it at Sephora.

Forever 21 Shorts

Been saving my life here in Florida – I shamelessly wear them for everything, from hanging poolside to going out for lunch.

Eau Parfumee au the blanc – BVLGARI

BVLGARI'S Eau Parfumee Au the Blanc.
BVLGARI’S Eau Parfumee Au the Blanc.

I have a healthy obsession with fragrances, I swear. And BVLGARI happens to be one of the brands that I respect the most. I tried every single product from their Eau Parfumee collection, which is based on different types of tea. It is said to be a unisex fragrance, but the white tea line feels very feminine to me.

I am hanging in Florida this month, which means it is humid and hot, but still the au the blanc fragrance has a scent that carries on through the day without being sticky. My favorite thing though is to put on the body lotion before going to bed – feels like I’m in a spa.

Emma Watson

I am part of the “Harry Potter Generation”, and this girl is my idol for all of her work on and off screen. I like that her style is feminine but with an edge, and her outfits can translate well into the Summer/Fall months. Her make-up is one of Hollywood’s best, specially loving her lipstick in the picture below.

Hope you liked our Sunday talk! Here’s a bonus picture of my favorite photoshoot assistant, Say Hi Kit! 




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  1. Hello! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award as I love reading your blog so much and want other people to see how amazing it is too! It’s just a fun way for other bloggers to get to know you and your blog better. Can’t wait to read your answers! 🙂 xx

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