Somewhere in Florida

Maxi dresses only made a way into my wardrobe recently. I am not particularly tall, and for years I was told that this type of dress looked weird on short girls. I decided to try it anyways and it is SO comfortable! Not to mention easy to style – one dress, a couple of accessories and voilà you’re ready.


I usually wear this one for informal lunches, to go out with my family or on those days when I do not feel like putting pants on (hello Sunday mornings). When it’s cold-ish in Boston I usually wear it with a black leather jacket and these sunglasses.

The lipstick I am wearing is Cruella from NARS Cosmetics, the same I was wearing here. In my opinion if you put on a nice lipstick you look instantly dressed up, which is fun to do when the rest of your outfit is on the basic side.

Have you ever been to Florida? If not, here’s a fun fact! There’s so much nature. Nature = animals. I actually learned to love with most of the bugs and such, but there are some bigger animals around here. Like alligators. On my morning jog I sometimes see them sunbathing (yep) along the lake and whilst taking pictures a baby gator showed up and sunbathed near us.

Can you spot the baby gator’s head?!

I took a picture from afar so I would not bother it (and I was pretty sure the mother was lurking around).


I am delighted to be spending this month in Florida, but Summer is coming to an end soon which means Boston is already in sight!

See you soon,



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