Florida’s Endless Summer

Seriously though, it is endless. I already see pictures of people in other states wearing light jackets, and here in Florida we are still getting 100 degrees. Boston will feel refreshing* come next week.

*I will regret saying “refreshing” when December rolls around I know

But now for my dress:

I am so in love with this dress I find ways to wear it until the end of September every year, but it is undoubtedly a summer maxi dress. I love how flow-y it is. I bought it at LF a while ago.

Have you ever been to a LF store? They look like thrift shops from the outside, but once inside you find out they are actually a well-established brand. Even if their prices are not the cheapest you can probably scoop some great pieces at their end-of-season sales. It’s the classic LA-hip-cool-girl type of store.

Usually I would wear this dress with a light jacket  (jeans or navy blue) but given the weather here –100 degrees and humid folks – there is NO WAY I could pull it off, even if I was just going to the mall for a bit.

I hope that wherever you are your summer/end of summer is going well, and if you are starting school next week like me good luck to all of us 😀




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15 thoughts on “Florida’s Endless Summer

  1. Normally I’d say the same about Ghana weather-wise, but these days it’s been rainy and quite cool. A welcome relief. You look gorgeous! That tropical print is really perfect for summer.


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