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Hi there,

So, school started. Life started again. Well, busy life started I should say. Busy but happy – the past week has been all sorts of amazing, and I have actually gotten myself into new projects here in Boston that I am beyond excited to carry on. One of them is something I talked about a while ago: learning French!!!

Another one of these projects is the Harvard Intercollegiate Convention – HEY BOSTON PEOPLE LISTEN UP – that is happening October 15th to 17th at the Hynes Convention Center, in Boston. This is the 11th year this conference is being organized, and some amazing women from the likes of Donna Karan and Diane von Furstenberg have been keynote speakers in previous editions of IBC.

The idea of IBC is to explore the role of women in business, to support other women in your industry and to help college women in networking. And Harvard provides us with the means to do it by linking campus representatives from all over the globe to bring together women for this conference. This year there are three keynote speakers:

If you are at all interested in participating shoot me an email at, the registration fee is $45 per person, but if you register with a group – and I can help with that – the fee drops to $38 per person.

A few snippets of my last days around Boston. The Prudential Tower (The Pru!!!)  is a landmark here in Boston. Kinda like our own Empire State Building. But with shopping and dining.

And the architecture around Boston completely varies, but I just love these old buildings ❤

This promises to be a crazy-happy-busy-unpredictable semester and I hope you’ll be on this ride with me.




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