The Year Ahead


It’s been a while since I have been here. Why?

I had a bit of a crazy semester at school. And that is that.

Happy 2016 by the way! I missed reading the posts around here, and I miss posting as well. So my friends, it is good to talk to you again and I hope that in this New Year we can all find happiness and purpose in the things we do.

Here’s why I am so excited for 2016:

  1. Adele: she’s out with a new album and tour. Aaaaand I was able to score a ticket for her concert! Happy to say I won’t be one of those people selling it for $10,000, I plan to attend the concert.

    Credit: Vanity Fair
  2. Doing more yoga. Out of all of the workout that I do this is the one that has less to do with my body and more to do with my mind, truly one of the best things for me. More to follow. 
  3. Boston. 5 years living here and I grow more in love with this city every day.IMG_9526
  4. Jane the Virgin. Does anyone else watch this?! It is so funny, and the way they set up the show is so clever, I can;t wait til it returns next week!

    Credit: CW
  5. Friends. ❤IMG_9982

A happy happy happy happy new year to all of you!




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