So I got into yoga and…

It changed my life.

Ok, not so dramatically, but it seems as though everyone who takes up practicing yoga says that. But it did change my perspective on my body and how I take care of it.

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I started practicing almost three years ago, both at home and at studios. Doing yoga for me is less about esthetics, and more about relaxing. It is fun to see how your body evolves as you practice more, don’t get me wrong, but yoga is great for my mind.

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Working on my headstand – it used to actually work!


One time I went into an yoga class very stressed, anxious and sad. The instructor then asked us to seat in silence and just observe where our mind was on, leave whatever was bothering us out of the room, and get back to our thoughts later. I did that. I focused on every instant of our practice and how my body was responding to the movements (sweating, a lot) and by the end of it, when I thought of my initial problem, it seemed so small, so not worth of me being stressed.

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I still practice at home too, and here’s how it goes: I have at least 4 apps I use for my yoga practice. My favorite one is Yoga Studio, which is a best seller on the App Store.

I usually do it in the morning too, it is such a GREAT way to wake up your body! I’d say that if you’re a beginner watching the tutorials in the app very carefully helps, and never overextend yourself. Yoga is about being in the moment and respecting your body.

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