Above Zero

Hi how’s it going,

This is my second week of classes and I absolutely love everything that I’m studying now, French is a bit harder than last semester but still beautiful, Rock History is tons of fun, and Communication and Gender is intense, in a good way.

Aaaaaalso, it is cloddish here in Boston, which means more winter outfits! Not super cold so far that I need like, snow boots and an igloo, I’d say it’s lovely, right above/near zero degrees (in Celsius, for you guys that like Fahrenheit it’s 32F).

IMG_7699 copy

I found this skirt by accident while roaming the halls of Primark, the skirt is so comfortable and so easy to wear during colder months because of the fabric!

Mila edit1Walkingdownstairs

The shirt is from Brandy Melville, that store captured my heart this past year. Everything there is super basic, but feels great on your body. Their sizing is weird to say the least, but there are some good finds I swear.

miladownstairs copyringsmila_earrings_alt

I needed a coffee, or two, the day we took these pictures so hence me and my cup right there. And the pictures were taken by Alena Sison, check her website out!

Happy Sunday and may the Sunday Blues not get to you!



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