Sunday Brunch

This Sunday Brunch post comes with actual brunch pictures!

My friends and I went to Cinquecento, an amazing restaurant in  the South End neighborhood here in Boston. I am starting to explore this neighborhood only now, and all of the places that I’ve been there have this “cool” factor attached. Also, Nutella crepes kind of make any morning perfect.

Good Soap – Whole Foods

I just bought this soap bar at Whole Foods today, it has been a while since I found a soap bar that I actually liked and that was not from one of the big brands (like Dove for example). It smells amazing and from I have seen so far it actually moisturizes the body without being sticky.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

I still have approximately 10 perfume bottles to finish – but this one is on my wish list for next month. I tried this on a couple times and staying power is great, the scent is just perfect aaaaaaand I love the ads. Natalie Portman rocks. Sold, sold and sold.

Angelina Jolie

One of the most inspiring women out there if you ask me, regardless of what tabloids say. The picture below is from a Vanity Fair shoot. I read her interview the other day and researched a bit of her story and famous quotes, and the way she built a life for herself made me feel empowered. My favorite quote?

People say you’re going the wrong way when it’s simply a way of your own” 

I hope your Sunday is going well so far!




Back to Boston

Hi there,

So, school started. Life started again. Well, busy life started I should say. Busy but happy – the past week has been all sorts of amazing, and I have actually gotten myself into new projects here in Boston that I am beyond excited to carry on. One of them is something I talked about a while ago: learning French!!!

Another one of these projects is the Harvard Intercollegiate Convention – HEY BOSTON PEOPLE LISTEN UP – that is happening October 15th to 17th at the Hynes Convention Center, in Boston. This is the 11th year this conference is being organized, and some amazing women from the likes of Donna Karan and Diane von Furstenberg have been keynote speakers in previous editions of IBC.

The idea of IBC is to explore the role of women in business, to support other women in your industry and to help college women in networking. And Harvard provides us with the means to do it by linking campus representatives from all over the globe to bring together women for this conference. This year there are three keynote speakers:

If you are at all interested in participating shoot me an email at, the registration fee is $45 per person, but if you register with a group – and I can help with that – the fee drops to $38 per person.

A few snippets of my last days around Boston. The Prudential Tower (The Pru!!!)  is a landmark here in Boston. Kinda like our own Empire State Building. But with shopping and dining.

And the architecture around Boston completely varies, but I just love these old buildings ❤

This promises to be a crazy-happy-busy-unpredictable semester and I hope you’ll be on this ride with me.



Boston Harbor

On my Tumblr explorations I always see a phrase that says the cure to anything is salt water. Sweat, tears or the sea. I never took it very seriously, until one day during a specially difficult week my friends took me to the Boston Harbor. Thankfully there were no tears, only friends, good food and the sea. And a much happier me. Turns out that phrase has some truth to it 🙂 A big thank you to Steph who was taking the pictures – and ended up not being in any of them. And now for the true star of the day: Mike’s Pastry cannolis. If you ever go to Boston make sure to stop by, it is well worth the line as you can see from my face below: We walked around a little bit and stopped by Quincy Market, another fun place to visit in BTown. DSC_0042_Fotor In the end I think another one of those Tumblr cliches is true, we choose to be happy everyday. See you soon, Mila ps: The girls were all wearing Burberry fragrances (Brit and My Burberry) and I was wearing Bulgari Omnia Crystalline.

About College

I have mentioned before that I live in Boston because that is where I go to school. This was the last undergraduate year for some of my friends – including my two roommates. It will be really weird not having them around anymore, and even though I get to see them during break, it was difficult saying goodbye to these girls. Their graduation day was one of the best days we ever had in Boston. From taking pictures with our closest friends to having lunch on the harbor to celebrate the girls’ accomplishments everything that day was tinted with joy. Here’s to these girls becoming my sisters for these past 4 years, and for the many adventures we’ll still have 🙂 Mila

Hi There…

I’m Mila! My idea with this blog is to create a journal, a file if you will, of my passions and day-to-day life. A way to document what I am living through right now.

To start us off I created a list of the things I would want someone to know about me – the first one being I absolutely love lists.

  1. I live in Boston where I go to school, but am originally from Brazil

    Four years ago at the Reflecting Pool in Boston
    Four years ago at the Reflecting Pool in Boston
  2. I have moved houses over sixteen times in my life. So considering I am 22 years old that is less than two years per house. It is fun and tiring at the same time, but it taught me to adapt quickly to new spaces and cities.
  3. Besides English, I speak Portuguese (my first language) and Spanish. Hopefully this is the summer I’ll learn French! *fingers crossed*
  4. I love perfume. Always have, always will. I wear it everyday and so I will probably talk about it here often.
  5. Don’t understand why people put avocado in the sushi. If anyone has an acceptable explanation please let me know.
  6. Meditation has changed my life for better in many ways
  7. Zac Efron is my ultimate crush          tumblr_nqke7y6MGn1sf4omio1_1280
  8. Even though I grew up in a tropical climate, after four Boston winters I actually love this crazy weather

    Picture taken by me during the 2012/2013 winter
  9. Majoring in Marketing and Communications, and have also studied acting in New York
  10. I am simultaneously a dog person and a cat person thanks to my family’s pets  Cookie, Lulu, Kit and Kat
    Cookie & Lulu
    Cookie & Lulu