The Necklace | Part One

My passion for statement necklaces started with Blair Waldorf and it never fizzled out. The necklace styles that I like have changed though, lately it has been leaning towards more classic designs with an edge, and I usually prefer it to be made out of metal.

This necklace goes a step ahead and it looks like lace. If you have read this blog before you know lace and I are long time friends. This piece is from Daily Opulence, a new brand that I had the opportunity (and pleasure) of partnering with. They were so kind to send this necklace for review, but I was already in love when I first saw it on the website to be quite honest.

I liked Daily Opulence as a consumer and blogger for two main reasons. When I first checked their website I immediately thought of those cool girls who seem to always have a trendy and yet effortless style, one of my aspirations. And when I spoke to the women behind it I could actually connect to their vision of creating a project that speaks to people.

For those reasons I can say it has been a blast to partner with them. It is also important to me to choose partners and products that I am crazy about and an actual user of, and Daily Opulence fills in the criteria.

These pictures were taken in the Back Bay neighborhood in Boston ( ❤ ).

Some days (ok, most days) I just love to dress up during the daytime, and this necklace does the trick of making an outfit stand out while still being appropriate and not too blingy.

I wish I could wear these heels to class as well, but that would NOT fly with my classmates.

If you want to check out Daily Opulence you can use the code MILASAIDSO at checkout and get 10% off.

As always please do comment with suggestions.

Love love love,



It’s Still Summer Right?!

Technically Summer ends on September 22nd here in Boston, so we can still wear our dresses out (with a jacket). I have seen some people wearing scarfs these past days, and it must be excitement for the Fall season because it’s still HOT. I can dig the fact I have a couple more days of showing off some skin.

Having a bit of a “destroyed” type of jacket with girly dresses makes the entire outfit more interesting in my opinion, less likely to look like you’re five years old.

I just now realized that this outfit was composed of gifts I got from people I love. The necklace was from my mother (her creation again), my jacket from Maria (roommate!) and the dress from Steph (roommate #2!). I must be missing them so much I just unconsciously decided to wear all of it at the same time.

I got a haircut this week – “Really?! But it looks the same?!” Said everyone – but it FEELS different peeps.

These shoes are SO comfortable, and even though no one believes me I could walk in them all the time. Brazil has a way with making high heels.

Pictures were taken at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It is located right next to the Fenway Park and one of the coolest places in Boston in this girl’s opinion. They also have creepy baby heads outside, the sculptures are actually iconic nowadays, like a trademark of the museum.

One of the … heads? … has its eyes open and the other one has its eyes closed. Art people, art.

As always, I hope you have a good weekend!!



Anna Maria

Here comes the bride… JUST KIDDING! More than one person has told me that today’s OOTD dress looks like a wedding gown. It isn’t (unless Zac Efron calls me and wants to get married immediately, but that is another story).

I went to Anna Maria Beach this weekend to enjoy the sun one more time before I go back to Boston. This place reminds me of Caribbean beaches with that whole white-sands-blue-water kind of thing, you know?!

A huge plus: it’s never crowded, just a few families here and there. Which obviously helps if you are taking pictures looking like a bride-to-be.

I bought this dress a couple months ago not entirely sure of when and where I would use it, but it quickly became one of my favorite pieces within my wardrobe. White + Lace is my thing. The top is is structured so it holds everything into place, and I like that it is “short” but because of the lace it is still elegant.

My mother actually made the earrings I am wearing in this picture, it’s her hobby to make jewelry and I am a happy happy girl!

Scratches on my leg were a gift from Cookie – our puppy.

Hope you are having a great weekend, and if you are here in Florida watch out for Erika today!



PS: More pictures are up on my Instagram

Florida’s Endless Summer

Seriously though, it is endless. I already see pictures of people in other states wearing light jackets, and here in Florida we are still getting 100 degrees. Boston will feel refreshing* come next week.

*I will regret saying “refreshing” when December rolls around I know

But now for my dress:

I am so in love with this dress I find ways to wear it until the end of September every year, but it is undoubtedly a summer maxi dress. I love how flow-y it is. I bought it at LF a while ago.

Have you ever been to a LF store? They look like thrift shops from the outside, but once inside you find out they are actually a well-established brand. Even if their prices are not the cheapest you can probably scoop some great pieces at their end-of-season sales. It’s the classic LA-hip-cool-girl type of store.

Usually I would wear this dress with a light jacket  (jeans or navy blue) but given the weather here –100 degrees and humid folks – there is NO WAY I could pull it off, even if I was just going to the mall for a bit.

I hope that wherever you are your summer/end of summer is going well, and if you are starting school next week like me good luck to all of us 😀



Somewhere in Florida

Maxi dresses only made a way into my wardrobe recently. I am not particularly tall, and for years I was told that this type of dress looked weird on short girls. I decided to try it anyways and it is SO comfortable! Not to mention easy to style – one dress, a couple of accessories and voilà you’re ready.


I usually wear this one for informal lunches, to go out with my family or on those days when I do not feel like putting pants on (hello Sunday mornings). When it’s cold-ish in Boston I usually wear it with a black leather jacket and these sunglasses.

The lipstick I am wearing is Cruella from NARS Cosmetics, the same I was wearing here. In my opinion if you put on a nice lipstick you look instantly dressed up, which is fun to do when the rest of your outfit is on the basic side.

Have you ever been to Florida? If not, here’s a fun fact! There’s so much nature. Nature = animals. I actually learned to love with most of the bugs and such, but there are some bigger animals around here. Like alligators. On my morning jog I sometimes see them sunbathing (yep) along the lake and whilst taking pictures a baby gator showed up and sunbathed near us.

Can you spot the baby gator’s head?!

I took a picture from afar so I would not bother it (and I was pretty sure the mother was lurking around).


I am delighted to be spending this month in Florida, but Summer is coming to an end soon which means Boston is already in sight!

See you soon,


Boats and Palm Trees

Another day, another place, another outfit. And the rain is still going strong here in Florida. Luckily the water started falling when we were on our way back home. Going for a mini day trip to this marine was my mother’s idea, it was a lovely afternoon walking around, talking and taking pictures.

I bought this leotard/top in Brazil when I was there a few weeks ago, and it definitely gives off my country’s tropical feeling. It is the type of piece that makes a statement by itself, and that can lighten my mood when I wear it. Some days – ahem, today – that is just what I need.

I feel like clothes in general work like that for me – they can set and change my mood, always for the better.

And since it IS summer, short shorts that I love so much, and that will be put away once I go back to Boston.

Not a complaint though, Fall outfits have a special place in my heart since I only started having a proper Fall when I moved to New England. And it has since become my favorite season.

Leotards have made a way into my shopping list, I’ll explain how in a bit. I am currently trying to find one that is more neutral, probably in black or white. If you do know of any good stores please comment! I know American Apparel has some options, but I still have to look into that.

Oh and how did I get into leotards? Confession time: I started paying attention to leotards after the Kardashians started wearing it everywhere… oh well.

And here’s hoping that wherever you are, we can all remember that rain (actually and figuratively) does stop and things get better before we know it.

Much love,